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Cybersecurity Alert: Netflix users targeted in latest phishing campaign


Phishing campaign targeting Netflix users


Cybersecurity Alert: Netflix users targeted in latest phishing campaign
How Netflix’s fake email campaign worked
How to remain safe online

Cybersecurity Alert: Netflix users targeted in latest phishing campaign

Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important concern among internet users as criminals continue to find new ways to target vulnerable citizens. According to a recent report by Check Point Research, a team of researchers have detected a cyber attack targeting Netflix users.

In the first quarter of 2023, the research team discovered a phishing campaign that used a fake email using Netflix branding to deceive customers. The aim of the campaign was to steal payment information of Netflix customers.

Omer Dembinsky, data group manager at Check Point Software, said, "Criminal groups orchestrate phishing campaigns to get as many people to part with their personal data as possible." He added, "In some cases, attacks are designed to obtain account information, as seen with the Raiffeisen campaigns. Others are deployed to steal payment details, which we witnessed with the popular streaming service Netflix."

The fake email campaign began with criminals sending a fraudulent email to Netflix users. The email, which appeared to originate from Netflix, was actually sent from a fraudulent email address (support@bryanadamstribute[.]dk). The email came with a subject line, "Uрdаtе rеquіrеd – ассоunt оn hоld", and claimed that the Netflix account had been suspended due to a failure to authorise payment for the next billing cycle.

The email contained a link that users were asked to click to renew their subscription. However, the link directed users to a malicious website with the intention of stealing their payment information.

To protect themselves from such attacks, Dembinsky advises that employees should be given appropriate training to spot suspicious traits such as misspelt domains, typos, incorrect dates, and other details that can expose a malicious email or link. It is also advisable to check the Netflix app for subscription status in case a user receives fake emails about the account on hold. One should avoid clicking links shared by unknown contacts via email or SMS.

As cybercrime continues to rise, it is essential that internet users remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to safeguard their personal data. By staying informed and aware of potential threats, users can better protect themselves from falling prey to cyberattacks.