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Viral Video Shows Adorable Moment as Cat Interrupts Muslim Cleric's Ramadan Prayers in Algeria by Jumping on Him and Planting a Kiss (WATCH)


As Muslims mark the holy month of Ramzan, they recite the special Taraweeh prayers. A video showing several men worshipping Allah with the prayer has gone viral on social media. The moment sees a special guest entering the premises and jumping over the Imam, the one who leads the mass worship. The incident reportedly took place at a mosque in Bordj Bou Arreridf in Algeria, North Africa.


A video of what netizens are calling a "purrfect addition to the Taraweeh" is winning hearts on the internet. It shows a cute cat trying to join the spiritual observation at a mosque by jumping and nearly kissing the Imam. However, the worshipper stays focused and keeps the prayer on with his eyes closed. Also, he softly pets the animal to acknowledge its presence. No sooner, the cat jumps off and walks away from there as the prayer session concludes.