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Pakistani Shocker: UK Visa Office in Karachi Accidentally Airs Adult Video on TV

A shocking incident took place at a UK Visa Office in Karachi, Pakistan when one of the TV screens at the official premises aired obscene content. Gerry's Visa Centre accidentally displayed an adult video on the large screen while people were standing the queue with their documents. 

The incident was recorded on camera and the footage has now surfaced online. (Content warning: Video contains visuals inappropriate for certain age groups).

The video opened showing the scenes from a visa office in Karachi where people had arrived to get their travel procedure done. However, the camera zoomed into a public television there to highlight what it mistakenly displayed. 

It showed p*rn on the large screen. The sensual content surfaced on the screen in the presence of people including women and a security personnel. A while into the error, the staff at the office took charge of the matter and switched the TV off.

Earlier in 2023, a similar incident took place at the Patna railway station. This March, a video purportedly of adult film star Kendra Lust was screened on the television actually installed to announce the train schedule at a crowded platform at Patna Junction, leaving passengers stunned. The pornstar also responded to the viral video from the incident that rolled out on the internet. Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), she replied to a user who suggested it to be her video and said: I hope, lol."