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WATCH VIDEO : Wild Elephant Enters Uttarakhand Court, causing panic in the court's compound

The wild tusker rammed down the Haridwar's court gate and strolled into its premises, causing panic in the court's compound.
In an unusual event, a wild elephant breached through the court's entrance in Uttarakhand's Haridwar, causing panic inside the court's premises on Wednesday (December 27). The incident happened at the district and sessions court in the Roshanabad neighbourhood of Haridwar.
Wild elephant enters Haridwar court 

The 15-second viral video displayed the wild elephant breaking the court's main gate and entering the court's premises. The panicked people could be heard saying 'hutt', fearing him entering the court.     

Wild elephant believed to have escaped from nearby Rajaji Tiger Reserve
Following reports, the tusker is thought to have escaped from the Rajaji Tiger Reserve. The incident caused chaos at the district magistrate's office and inside the court's premises. According to the eyewitnesses, the giant animal shattered the metal gate and caused damage to the wall. 

Forest authorities' swift action
After receiving the information, the forest authorities swiftly responded and reached the spot. Authorities from the forest department fired rounds in the air to scare the animal away, directing it towards the Rajaji Tiger Reserve.