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Monkey Tears Woman’s Passport; Ill-Fated Tourist Watches In Horror


Viral Video: A trip to Bali turned into a nightmare for a female tourist, after a monkey tore up her passport in front of her.Viral Video: There are people who are brave, then there are ‘daredevils', and then there is this woman- who left her passport in the reach of some mischievous monkeys while she was on an overseas trip. What happened next was something that maybe everyone saw coming from a mile away. One of the monkeys snatched the passport and tore it down in front of the same woman while everyone watched in horror. The incident reportedly took place in Bali, while the video of the same was shared online, which went viral on social media.

Watch the viral video:

As soon as the clip began to do rounds on the internet, most people raised the most obvious question- how did the lady lose the passport to a monkey?

The video was shared on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), by the handle ‘CBSNews’. The post was captioned, “As horrified onlookers gasped, a mischievous monkey in Bali stole a tourist's passport and tore it apart in front of her.”