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WATCH: Maldives Parliament Lawmakers Clash in Fierce Confrontation

 Chaos erupted in Maldives Parliament on Sunday as rival lawmakers came to blows and engaged in a full-blown fight inside the House.

New Delhi: No, it’s not a WWE ring where wrestlers are kicking and throwing each other around but chaotic scenes from the Maldives Parliament where rival lawmakers came to blows during a key session in the House.


Another viral video showed showed Isa kicking Shaheem’s neck and pulling his hair. Later, Shaheem is pushed out of the area by other members, the video showed.

The videos which were shared on social media by Adhadhu– a Male-based online news outlet– showed the parliamentarians pulling each other down from the podium.

In one video, Shaheem can be seen blowing a toy trumpet while standing near the Speaker before he gets tackled and pulled down from the podium.

=According to local media reports, a key vote on parliamentary approval for the Muizzu government was scheduled for 1:30 PM today. However, several PNC members barricaded the House and disrupted the session.

Dramatic visuals shared on social media sites showed Maldivian parliamentarians throwing kicks and punches, and wrestling each other to the ground after disagreements between over a key vote for President Muizzu’s government.

The clashes were witnessed between the MPs of the People’s National Congress (PNC) and the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) — the ruling alliance and the Opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

Chaotic visuals of the fight have gone viral on social media platforms.

In one video, MDP MP Isa and PNC lawmaker Abdullah Shaheem Abdul Hakeem are seen engaged in a full-blown street fight, throwing kicks and pulling each other’s hair. Shaheem is seen grabbing Isa’s leg as both MPs crash to the ground where they rain blows on each other as other try to pull them apart.