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WATCH VIDEO: Thief Dangles For Over 1 KM From Moving Train In Bihar After Failed Mobile Theft


Bihar Train Video: Passengers, especially those travelling in trains, are always advised to take care of their belongings to prevent falling prey to robbers and similar elements. While some take this in light, thinking that something like that would never happen with them in real life, a select few, however, always remain alert and teach the unsuspecting criminals a lesson.


In a prime example of this happened in Bihar’s Bhagalpur recently where a thief learned the hard way not to mess with such people when he tried to rob a passenger aboard the a train but was caught and was left dangling from the moving train while trying to escape.

According to reports, a miscreant snatched the mobile phone from a female passenger and tried to escape the train but was caught by other passengers as it tried make his escape by jumping from the moving train.

Report said the woman passenger was talking on her phone when the thief snuck in, snatched her phone, and tried to escape by jumping off the train. However, other passengers caught a hold of him, preventing him from fleeing with the woman’s phone.

The passengers held on to the thief’s hand’s leaving him dangling from the moving train even as he tried to break free.

A video of the incident which has gone viral on social media platforms showed the thief dangling from the moving locomotive before being rescued by some of his alleged accomplices.

‘Please let me go… my hand will break, brother…’ the thief can be heard yelling as he dangles precariously from the moving train before being rescued some young men even as passengers shout that those men are also part of thief’s gang.

The incident reportedly took place on Tuesday (January 16) at the Bhagalpur railway station in Bihar. The thief was hanging on to the moving train for over a kilometer before his purported accomplices rescued him, reports said.

Earlier, in a similar incident, a passenger caught hold of a thief and left him dangling from the window of a moving train for around 15 kilometres in Begusarai. In another incident in Bhagalpur, passengers thrashed a thief onboard the Jamalpur-Sahibganj train after they pulled him inside while he was trying to escape by jumping from the train window.