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WoW Fight: Girl Throws Chair, Slaps Manager And Grabs Her Belongings After Being Fired | WATCH VIDEO


Viral: One of the employees of the airport store was fired as a result of a troubling incident that happened at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. A disturbance complaint at Harvest & Grounds, a business in Concourse D of the airport, prompted Atlanta Police officers to arrive just before noon on a Saturday. BoreCure was the first to share the footage. But today, the video was uploaded to X, which was previously Twitter. It received a ton of likes, comments, and over 2 crore views after being shared.

Fight Over Espresso Shots

Rumor has it that the fight started because two employees disagreed about espresso shots. When one of the workers, Shacoria Elly, lost her temper, things got out of control. It took two store managers to physically detain her in order to stop her from getting any worse because of how furious she was. 

Disturbing Incident 

The heated exchange was captured on camera. It showed the management struggled to hold back Elly when she made specific demands for her possessions. Elly tried to throw a chair out of anger, but a manager stepped in fast. Elly tried to get behind the counter after that, but someone stopped her and pushed her back onto the floor with force. After being briefly detained, she was able to slap him across the face after being freed. The manager remained calm and kept denying her access in spite of the attack. The woman made a surprising move when she pretended to leave the cafe, only to turn around and jump over the counter. She grabbed a metal sheet pan and struck the employee attempting to control her.

When she finally had her coat and bag, Elly walked out of the shop. Her termination from the company was attested to in the police report, and her badge was taken by airport security. When the authorities arrived, Elly had already fled the scene, and it doesn't appear like she will be prosecuted for her acts.